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Welcome and Key Campaigns

by randcwlibdems on 14 January, 2017

Our two key campaigners in Rawcliffe and Clifton Without are Derek Wann and Darryl Smalley, fighting for the best deal for our area. 

Derek has worked in a research and teaching position at the University of York since moving to York from Scotland in 2013. He lives in the Clifton Without area of the city, where he represents local residents as a Parish Councillor. In this role he takes a great interest in improving local services and amenities and generally making Rawcliffe & Clifton Without a more pleasant place to live and work.

Darryl is currently studying at the University of York since moving to York from Lincoln. He’s a local campaigner with an keen interest in our community, and works alongside Derek and York Liberal Democrats on the council to ensure the best deal for Rawcliffe and Clifton Without. In his spare time, Darryl enjoys walking in Clifton Backies and is involved in a small motorsport team.

We’re always keen to hear from residents in Rawcliffe and Clifton Without about local issues and concerns, so please do contact us using the links provided. Please keep checking back for for updates and information.

Best Wishes

Derek and Darryl

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